Sunday, November 12, 2006

# 15 Supreme Court of Hong Kong in the 90s

# 14 Tai O Fishing village, Lantau Island

# 13 A prayer to invoke a favourable wind before a dragon boat takes part in the annual Dragon Boat race.

# 12 Dragon Boat race during the festival in Hong Kong

# 11 Dragon Boat race at Aberdeen, c.1880

Hong Kong Historical Photographs - Early Fishery post cards

# 10 The staff of a salt fish wholesaler in front of their shop, c.1930

# 09 Fishing in Bowrington Canal along the present-day
Canal Road East, c.1890

# 08 Tanka houses built on granite stilts above water in the creek of Tai O, c.1930

# 07 The fishing village at Shaukiwan, c.1930

# 06 The fishing junks anchored at Yaumati, c.1890

# 05 Fishing in Hoklo sampans off Castle Peak, c.1930

# 04 Cheung Chau harbour and its fishing village, c.1920

# 03 The temple and junks of the fishermen at
Ap Lei Chau, c.1920

# 02 A salt retail shop, c.1880

# 01 Fish drying at Cheung Chau, c1920

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Canadian Postage Paid Postcard

Dragon Boat Racing, Vancouver, BC (Front & Back)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Canadian Postage Paid Postcard

Front and back sides

Map of Canada

Albert Cree Indian

Prince Edward Island


Upper Waterton Lake

Jasper National Park

In direct contrast to the Rocky Mountains

Wenkchemna Peaks

Snowfall period in Lake Louise

Mount Rundle

A breath-taking British Columbia sunset

Peyto Lake

Sunday, June 25, 2006



Niagara Falls


Canadian Postage Paid Postcard (Topic: Fauna)

Chipmunk and Beaver


The Black Bear


The Timber Wolf